Your Superhera-ism depends on it. We are Superheras because we can protect our energy, connect with ourselves, build, save in incredible ways, and yet, we are 100% human. We feel, we get tired, and we break down. 

Hope you’ve had a great week. 

I recently caught up with a friend over lunch. She’s a Superhera who brings warm energy into a room, making you feel at ease, no matter what baggage you’re carrying.  

She’s been crushing it the last 3 months, working night shifts at a hospital and literally saving infants’ and kids’ lives. 

When we met up, she was exhausted. I mean, who wouldn’t be drained of all their energy, after living a nocturnal life? 

On top of that, she deals with the most extreme highs of saving lives and the most extreme lows of saying goodbye, doing everything she can for every case. I don’t know how she does it. 

This had me thinking about you, Superheras and how we manage our energy.

Oftentimes, our roles ask for every ounce of our energy: our brain power, our physical stamina, our emotional bandwidth, our positivity in light of such darkness, and our relaxed nature in the face of chaos…

We are expected to act in the opposite way everyone else is and to lead. We are, in a way, living nocturnally to most of what is going on in the world. 

We love this; it’s part of what makes us Superheras. The energy that we bring is how we show up in the world, and how we elevate others.

But it can be fatiguing to constantly be the smooth force and elevation. Sometimes making simple decisions becomes overwhelming, and we don’t feel like ourselves.

This doesn’t mean we aren’t ourselves. We just need to figure out how to protect our energy.

If our energy communicates how we show up, then we need to connect with it again. We need to re-charge.

When we re-charge, our energy becomes our focus, not our lack of [insert all the things you're hard on yourself about].


I’m nowhere near good at this.

Like a kid who shows up to soccer practice wearing shinguards on top of their socks, I am in the beginner stages of protecting my energy.

I don’t have many answers yet, and I won’t tell you how to re-charge. Some of you re-charge by sleeping. Some of you go run in the mountains… and others go off the grid entirely. 

Take your time to learn how you re-charge. I’m right here with you. 

I broke down when someone asked me what my coffee drink was.

I went to Laguna Coffee almost every morning at 5:30am to build our shorts and write Becoming a Superhero before work. 

But one particular morning (this happened more than once), I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t produce. I questioned everything. My brain told me to quit all of it. I was literally two months from my book's publication date.

A local at the coffee shop started asking me neighborly questions. I became so overwhelmed that I started crying. "Sorry, sir, it's not you, I just literally can't remember if I got dark roast or light roast."

It’s a weird feeling when you accomplish awesome things, and simultaneously have very human moments. And that’s what makes us Superheras. 

Your ability to do everything doesn't make you a Superhera. Don't put this pressure on yourself.

We are Superheras because we can protect our energy, connect with ourselves, build, save in incredible ways, and yet, we are 100% human. We feel, we get tired, and we break down. 

Our mission at SPRHRA, through our community and our clothing, is to inspire the Freedom to Perform. We find that freedom when we protect our energy.

When we are protecting our energy, we are connecting with ourselves. That is where it all begins and ends.

In the way you protect those you love, protect yourself. You need your energy, and we need your energy. 

Chat next week,

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