My legs were my greatest insecurity, and on my toughest mental days, they still are. Every negative thought you’ve ever had about your legs, I guarantee you, I’ve had something similar myself.

My powerful, strong legs have carried me out of my lowest lows and my highest highs, and yet, I hated them for so long. Isn’t that crazy? Think about it, your brain tells you to get up, but your legs do the movement.

You know in lift, when your trainer is like, “You’re stronger than your mind,” and you’re like “bro, don’t tell me to add 10 more poundS to my squat or I’m gonna be ill.” And then, your legs keep going and you squat the 10 extra. 

I’ve had 3 ACL surgeries, so trust me, I know all about having a complicated relationship with legs. When I can’t move my legs, I lose a massive part of myself.

Just think about this — your legs might be what have saved you. Your legs might just be the thing that are carrying you to freedom and to SPRHRA-ism. 

Shorts on the market only reinforced that my legs didn’t fit in. I started with shorts because they reminded me of my greatest insecurity. 

And I started with shorts because female athletes should be able to feel amazing in a garment that is critical to their sport, their athleticism, and their swagger. 

So rather than continuing to hate on my legs, that have carried the weight of every ambition, injury, and adventure I’ve ever had, I decided to love them and make them feel good. 

I created the shorts, noting all of your insecurities, and feeling a lot of that myself, too. You might be done with shorts for the rest of your life — and honestly, I totally get that. Leggings do the trick, they hold it all in and make your legs feel like they fit in.

But if you still have it in you to try shorts, I encourage you to try our SPRHRA shorts. Because your beautiful, powerful, strong legs that carry you, deserve the love they’ve never received from shorts before.


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