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We're writing a new story about freedom in performance.


I'm Marina, the founder of SPRHRA (April 2022), inspired by my book Becoming a Superhero (April 2021).

My story is about learning how to find connection with myself, in the face of darkness. As a College Freshman on the Top 20-ranked Georgetown University’s Women’s Division 1 Soccer Team, I almost lost my scholarship and went to rehab for depression and eating disorders. I then became the team’s 3-time Team Captain.

My senior year, I tore my ACL back-to-back in 9 months. I rallied, and not playing in the first 5 games, captained an un-ranked team to the program’s first-ever Division 1 College Cup Final Four, with a final ranking of #3 in the country. I was named an All-American.

Through my experiences, I learned first-hand what Superhera Leadership looked like—elevating yourself and others beyond what you could ever imagine. With full faith in this concept, I set out to study the most successful female leaders I could find, from all different backgrounds. My findings became my book, Becoming a Superhero.

From Olympic Gold Medalist to CEO to Lieutenant Colonel, I share the journeys of highly successful women on their intensely raw, emotional paths to leadership.

Through the lens of my own vulnerable life experiences, both in competitive soccer and personally, readers explore what it means to be deeply human, find ultimate connection with yourself, and use your uniqueness to lift up everyone in a more equitable world.

Freedom is at the heart of everything we do.

Taking the principles from my book, I set out to create SPRHRA, an athletic brand for female athletes. I am on a mission to eliminate the restriction placed on female athletes, by creating a community, brand, and apparel that gives female athletes the Freedom to Perform.

Throughout my playing career and thereafter, I realized a gap in sports apparel for female athletes. There was no sports apparel brand built for how female athletes play, move, and live. I wanted to curate female athlete apparel towards an unprecedented quartet: high-performance, precision, swagger, and freedom for female athletes’ bodies.

SPRHRA is sustainably made in Los Angeles, CA and is built by female athletes who play each respective sport — i.e., soccer players inform soccer apparel.

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