About us

We're writing a new story about freedom in performance.

As college & professional female athletes, we felt like we didn't fit in.

Our sports uniforms had "boy’s" or "men’s" inscribed on the tags and, as the tag suggested, the fit mismatched our individual female bodies. We used dull ankle-tape scissors to carve out the lining in our shorts and crack the seams of our incorrectly structured jerseys.

We had this vision of ourselves playing, feeling powerful, free, and mindfully in-tune with ourselves.

But we were missing unrestrictive and mindfully-made performance apparel, and a community that allowed us just to be...us.

Marina Paul, Founder of SPRHRA

Hey Superheras, I’m Marina

— founder of SPRHRA, author of Becoming a Superhero, and a former member of the Georgetown University Women’s Soccer team. I created SPRHRA because I lived in an environment of restriction: performance apparel that was tight and baggy in the wrong places while I played, and perfectionism that resulted in destructive self-image. I was obsessed with trying to squeeze myself (a 6’0'' curvy frame with bouncing curls and big personality) into a smaller form, and compartmentalized my pain and restriction through toxic means.

Despite my efforts to restrict myself, I knew there was a Superhera inside of me.

In 2021, I wrote Becoming a Superhero—our inspiration—about women who harness their true selves, find their freedom, and use their superpowers to elevate the lives of others. I cataloged the stories of women across the world (CEO's, General Counsels, Small-Business Owners, Olympic Gold Medalists, Cancer Survivors, the "First's"). They showed me that connecting with our individual freedom is how we can lead a fulfilled life and help fulfill the lives of others.

My book helped me find my emotional freedom, to feel good on the inside and in my skin. I knew I wanted to build athletic clothes that matched the freedom I felt on the inside, because I had never felt this freedom in clothing when I played sports. And SPRHRA (named after my book) was born.

Freedom is at the heart of everything we do.

We create mindful performance apparel for the forever athlete to inspire freedom in movement, performance, and existence. We use entirely sustainable materials and hand-sew our apparel in Los Angeles.


Movement is both physical and mental; how we are mindful physically and mentally, helps us find our freedom.


From designing a new product to building our team, we always ask, “how are we inspiring, creating, or upholding the space for freedom, for the individual, our community, and the earth?”


We believe in positive motivation and power to achieve the best version of who we are and our biggest dreams.

Our Journal

Behind the Super

Our behind-the-scenes look at our products, community, and building SPRHRA.