About Us

We got tired of settling for the low standards in women's sportswear, so we decided to make our own.

Tired of the low standards


SPRHRA began during our time as collegiate soccer players. We experienced exhilarating highs but also stupid frustrations from ill-fitting gear that held us back.

And the truth is women’s sportswear has never been made with female athletes in mind, making us feel like we don't matter.

That’s why we start with your input, addressing the big and little annoyances, from the first sketches to finished products.

Raising the standard

Our mission

SPRHRA's mission is to involve female athletes in the process of making high-performance sportswear that they'll feel comfortable, confident, and ready to play in.

The team behind SPRHRA

Our people

Behind every piece of your gear, there’s a team of people who are as passionate about crafting it as you are about your sport.

Sure, the big names spend millions on R&D, but something's still off with women's sportswear.

You know the old way of doing things? Shrink men's designs and call it 'women's'. We ditched that playbook.

Instead, we collaborate with a skilled, tight-knit production crew in Los Angeles who are awesome at what they do, enjoy the process, and are committed to making sure you love and feel confident in what you play in.

Your new armour

Our gear

Built for the high demands of your sport, the harsh outdoor elements, and endless laundry days. Our gear not only keeps its stretch, but remains so soft, you could fall asleep in it. Workout after workout, wash after wash.

The graphene woven into it:

  • is anti-bacterial
  • absorbs infrared rays (the good kind) from the sun to help speed up your muscle recovery
  • helps regulate your body temperature
  • and wards off mosquitoes

SPRHRA sportswear is made from sustainable materials by select partners who share our values. Every piece is born in our LA facility, where we know every hand involved. So, when you ask who made your clothes, we've got the answers.


I love these shorts. During my clinic, I had to look down to make sure I had bottoms on. I felt naked, like I had nothing on because they are super soft and extremely lightweight.

— San, Basketball


I LOVE these shorts!!! The spandex are so freaking comfortable and they look so cute, I canttt.

— Bella, Tackle Football

What They're Saying in Locker Rooms


So far I have worked out, walked and lounged in them and they’ve been so comfortable for every occasion. The high-waisted thick band is a huge plus and lets you wear those cute crop tops and still feel comfortable!

— Lauren, Indoor Volleyball

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