Wavy Stretchy Practice Tee — with Graphene


Your everyday Practice Tee, with a barely-there feel. This tee strikes the balance between fits-you-well, while giving you extreme range of motion.

Like the reps you've taken a million times, this shirt will feel effortless and intentional as with its 4-way stretch giving you a smooth and flowy experience.

Style Tip: Created to fit seamlessly with Wavy Stretchy Shorts and the Wrap Compression Shorts

Features You'll Love
  • Anti-bacterial & anti-fungal
  • Fabric dries 2x as fast without retaining body odor.
  • Absorbs infrared rays from the sun to aid in recovery
  • Thermal regulating (responds to internal & external temperatures)
Key Materials

High performance Graphene, Polyester, Nylon fabric blend

Care Guide
  • Machine wash cold with like colors and materials.
  • Tumble Dry Low.
The shirt that just belongs on your body

You know how those double session days can be such a grind where you’re back home, bag hits the floor, ready to crash?

You know you should shower, but you just don’t care right now.

Now picture this, but instead you’ve been wearing the Wavy Stretchy Practice Tee all day.

This time you drift off to sleep and when you wake up, you’re feeling surprisingly fresh.

Dry, airy. You put your nose to the shirt: not a hint of lingering workout funk. And like that—you’re good as new.

The Practice Tee made to be worn out, but won't

SPRHRA athletes are redefining high-performance sportswear — making the practice tee not only tough, but also super comfy.

Whether you run it through the ocean, throw it in the mud, bang weights in it, or just go on a regular jog, it's built to endure.

Your Practice Tee will remain resilient while preserving its remarkable softness.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you test SPRHRA products?

Our products are put to the test by female athletes we recruit from different sports and in every size we offer. They give our gear a real workout, playing hard, training tough, and just living life in SPRHRA gear.

Do you really use sustainable fabrics?

Yes, we do! All of the material we use for our garments is 100% recycled fabric. And we will let you know if this ever changes. Our goal is to maintain our current sustainability efforts and work with partners who share our values of creating Earth-positive sportswear that stand up to your sport's demands.

How do I become a SPRHRA Athlete?

We're stoked that you're interested in becoming a SPRHRA Athlete! Email us at and let's talk more about the opportunity!

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