Athlete-Centered Design

Most women's sportswear is based on poor assumptions and male bodies.

We’ve changed that.

Ditching the "one-size-fits-all" myth

Designed By Your Teammates

With input from 150+ female athletes at every design step, we craft sportswear specifically for you.

Dive into training and competition with gear that feels like a comforting hug, but never holds you back.

SPRHRA gear is precisely stitched to highlight all of the right places. Made to endure endless washes and still snag compliments like it's fresh off the rack.

Wavy Stretchy Shorts — With Graphene


16+ Reviews

Whether it’s all-out sprints, cold plunges, or just chillin, these shorts offer the ultimate range of motion for your lower half.

Adjustable fit — high or low waist, they stretch 4-ways and stay intact without chaffing or picking a wedgie.

Flattering cut — to give your legs and glutes the spotlight, without riding up or rolling down.

Special graphene fabric blend — fights bacteria and withstands the wear and tear of your sport while maintaining a comfy feather-light feel.


Graphene Woven Into Every Piece

The key element in our fabric blend fuses durability and softness—tough enough for your sport yet exceptionally gentle on your body.


200x Stronger Than Steel

Speeds Up Muscle Recovery

Regulates Your Body Temperature

Stretches, But Doesn't Sag

Repels Mosquitos

Team Uniforms in 4 Weeks

Ordering uniforms is now the easiest part of your season.

We’ve made it super convenient for you to create custom team uniforms all in one place: logo, colors, sizes, and jersey numbers.

3 steps and you're done.

What They're Saying in Locker Rooms


I love these shorts. During my clinic, I had to look down to make sure I had bottoms on. I felt naked, like I had nothing on because they are super soft and extremely lightweight.

— San, Basketball


I LOVE these shorts!!! The spandex are so freaking comfortable and they look so cute, I canttt.

— Bella, Tackle Football


So far I have worked out, walked and lounged in them and they’ve been so comfortable for every occasion. The high-waisted thick band is a huge plus and lets you wear those cute crop tops and still feel comfortable!

— Lauren, Indoor Volleyball

Behind Every Piece of Clothing

Our idea was simple yet powerful: create sportswear for female athletes that fits.

People warned us that the big brands spend millions on research. But we heard your voices saying they still miss the mark.

So we do it differently. We literally bring athletes into the design process. Your feedback turns into the clothes you wear.

Join us Behind the Super