we launched shorts first

Goodbye forever to scratchy seams, inflexible fabric, and picking wedgies.

Our buttery-soft and lightweight shorts are designed to give your lower half freedom to move, while staying where you put them.

Finally, you can just focus on playing your sport.

Made sustainably for the forever female athlete

Designed by
female athletes

Made with 100%
recycled materials

Hand-sewn in

Jump Wrap Spandex

We believe performance apparel should adapt to the way we move

Roll it or wear it high-waisted, our mission is to design apparel that flexes for your perfect fit.

Wavy Stretchy Shorts


Both shorts literally feel like butter. So far I have worked out, walked and lounged in them and they’ve been so comfortable for every occasion. The high waist thick band on both shorts is a huge plus and lets you wear those cute crop tops and still feel comfortable! The story behind the brand is really what brought it home for me.

– Lauren C.


I’ve never worn shorts like these before — masterful fit, easy to move and I wore them seamlessly from a hike to a market because not only are they comfy but they’re also so flattering?! I would 10/10 recommend.

– Maryn C.