SoccerGrlProbs X SPRHRA Wavy Stretchy Shorts — with Graphene


Whether it’s all-out sprints, cold plunges, or just chillin, these shorts offer the ultimate range of motion for your lower half.

Adjustable fit — high or low waist, they stretch 4-ways and stay intact without chaffing or picking a wedgie.
Flattering cut — to give your legs and glutes the spotlight, without riding up or rolling down.
Special graphene fabric blend — fights bacteria and withstands the wear and tear of your sport while maintaining a comfy feather-light feel.

Style Tip: You can adjust the waistband to customize length. Wear them by themselves or pair with the Wrap Compression Shorts.

Features You'll Love
  • Anti-bacterial & anti-fungal
  • Shorts dry quickly without retaining odors.
  • Absorbs infrared rays from the sun to aid in recovery
  • Thermal regulating (responds to internal & external temperatures)
Key Materials

High performance Graphene, Polyester, Nylon fabric blend

Care Guide
  • Machine wash cold with like colors and materials.
  • Tumble Dry Low.

We invented the soccer girl’s dream: shorts that are made for soccer legs and don’t smell like shinguards.


"Achieved the Unachievable: Perfect Athletic Shorts"

"SPRHRA has somehow created a short with the perfect waistband; it stays put no matter how intense the workout is and doesn't dig in or ride up. If you prefer a shorter short, one fold of the waistband brings these shorts to the perfect shorter length! It's safe to say we're obsessed and these will be our go-to short for hanging out, working out and everything inbetween."

- Carly, Shannon & Alanna | Founders of SoccerGrlProbs

Why athletes love SPRHRA shorts

"So I've been rocking my Wavy Shorts to training and I ALWAYS get compliments.

The other day, my teammate was like, 'Oh my god, those are so cute, soft, and flattering, what brand are they?'

I showed her, and she went to order but they didn't have her size. I gave her one of my pairs and we went hiking today. BOTH of us showed up in our SPRHRA!!

We went swimming in the lake and she said, 'Nikki, these are the best shorts I've ever had.'

Then, starting our way down the mountain, she added, 'Nikki, they're already nearly dry.'

They are a HIT!!! Just wanted to spread the word that your shorts are stealing the hearts of many!!!"

— Nikki Stanton, Professional Soccer Player, OL Reign

Your lower half is gonna be stoked

Roll 'em up or wear them down, the 3-inch elastic waistband adjusts to your preference.

Plus these do not come with that awkward built-in liner, so you'll never have to pick a wedgie or deal with chaffing drama.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you test SPRHRA products?

Our products are put to the test by female athletes we recruit from different sports and in every size we offer. They give our gear a real workout, playing hard, training tough, and just living life in SPRHRA gear.

Do you really use sustainable fabrics?

Yes, we do! All of the material we use for our garments is 100% recycled fabric. And we will let you know if this ever changes. Our goal is to maintain our current sustainability efforts and work with partners who share our values of creating Earth-positive sportswear that stand up to your sport's demands.

How do I become a SPRHRA Athlete?

We're stoked that you're interested in becoming a SPRHRA Athlete! Email us at and let's talk more about the opportunity!

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