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What they're saying in locker rooms . . .


"I love these shorts. During my clinic, I had to look down to make sure I had bottoms on. I felt naked, like I had nothing on because they are super soft and extremely lightweight."

— San, Basketball


"I LOVE these shorts!!! The spandex are so freaking comfortable and they look so cute, I canttt."

— Bella, Tackle Football


"So far I have worked out, walked and lounged in them and they’ve been so comfortable for every occasion. The high-waisted thick band is a huge plus and lets you wear those cute crop tops and still feel comfortable!"

— Lauren, Indoor Volleyball

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you test SPRHRA products?

Our products are put to the test by female athletes we recruit from different sports and in every size we offer. They give our gear a real workout, playing hard, training tough, and just living life in SPRHRA gear.

Do you really use sustainable fabrics?

Yes, we do! All of the material we use for our garments is 100% recycled fabric. And we will let you know if this ever changes. Our goal is to maintain our current sustainability efforts and work with partners who share our values of creating Earth-positive sportswear that stand up to your sport's demands.

How do I become a SPRHRA Athlete?

We're stoked that you're interested in becoming a SPRHRA Athlete! Email us at and let's talk more about the opportunity!

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