I found SoccerGrl Probs when I was a little freshie from SoCal who had just arrived in the death of preseason at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. I was used to the 80 degree dry summers, not the swampy, humid 100 degrees summers of DC…. with millions of bugs biting me everywhere. I was sore for 9 days straight and was living in this constant cycle of, “am I good enough? Why does my ish smell so bad? Is anyone else exhausted? Where am I? Am I having fun, or am I miserable, or both?” Preseason as a freshman was like intense summer camp. 

My world, though similar because I was playing soccer, had completely changed. Soccer was the only thing I knew and that was consistent. Our freshman crew bonded because all of our worlds had changed, right then. And we accepted each other, while everyone else yelled at us. 

One of our older teammates, “Bush”, who happens to be one of the kindest people on the planet, was talking about this account her friend from club soccer had created. This account was something that highlighted all the problems we go through and complain about as soccer players —our brutal leg bruises and scarring, our smelly shinguards, our strong thighs that no shorts fit… our need for snacks at all times, and our obsession with our water bottles, and our obsession with the game. I found refuge in SoccerGrl Probs, because they saw me, and I knew that every other soccer player was having a similar soccer experience to mine at Georgetown. It was so hard, so fun, so different, so not fun, so competitive, so goofy, and constantly a juggle of all of those emotions and experiences. 

Since 2012, my soccer teammates and I have been sending each other SoccerGrl Probs memes. SoccerGrl Probs reminds us of who we are to our core — a bunch of goofy, cheeky soccer girls doing really cool things, really smart things, and really not-so-smart things sometimes. 

SoccerGrl Probs highlights the funniest, weirdest things, that are completely unique to soccer. Their branding and positioning has served as an inspiration to me while building SPRHRA. They reminded me of something I inherently learned growing up playing multiple sports, and when I interviewed hundreds of athletes to build our clothes— each sport has its own culture. This is the beauty of the communities within sports.

I could not be more stoked and honored to co-create a short with SoccerGrl Probs. My teammate, Bush, introduced me to SoccerGrl Probs a few months ago. I sent them a pair of our Wavy Stretchy Shorts and Wrap Compression Shorts. We hopped on a follow-up Zoom after the holidays. I had no idea what to expect — I just wanted them to like our SPRHRA gear, haha. I craved my soccer girl approval. 

They asked me if we could design artwork and launch a SoccerGrl Probs x SPRHRA short together, starting with the Wavy Stretchy Short. I think I peed my pants. 

They are like one of, if not the, coolest accounts in soccer girl world. During moments like these, I think back to my freshman year self, who was trying to figure out who I was after leaving home — and battling a lot internally. 

My reflection is—like-minded community, who lets you be all of yourself, might matter the most. And that’s just what SoccerGrl Probs means to me.

I can’t wait for you all to try our SoccerGrl Probs x SPRHRA Wavy Stretchy Short. May you feel the freedom to be all of yourself and the freedom to perform. 

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