Crafting a Women's and Girls' Basketball Uniform

Want to make your basketball uniforms for the season? We built women's and girls' basketball uniforms to help you win all season. Check them out here: SPRHRA Women's and Girls' Basketball Uniforms.

It's almost AAU Basketball season, and we've built girls and women's basketball uniforms to bring out the best in your athletes. We are former college and professional athletes who were tired of wearing men's sports apparel. So we created our own, uniquely fit for the female athlete who needs high-performance gear to crafted for her body.

We built the best fitting and most comfortable girls and women's basketball uniforms made for female athletes, using the feedback from the following women's basketball teams: Georgetown University, San Diego State University, and College of William and Mary, along with some professional players.

We believe that in order for women's basketball players to play well, they have to feel well. We didn't just make this up—we went out and interviewed over 200 players to understand how they feel when they play their best.

The female athletes told us that they wanted to feel the Freedom to Perform and not feel restricted in their sports apparel.

They wanted shorts that don't ride up. And they wanted to look like the elite female athletes that they are.

At SPRHRA, we've built a Team Uniform Portal so that you and your team can make your basketball uniform design, and have fun in the process. We made sure our uniforms sizing fits youth basketball, girl's basketball and women's basketball.

Grab your team, and create your custom basketball uniforms and custom basketball jerseys so you can play your best all season.

Check out our Basketball Uniform Designer here.