SPRHRAs should be treated with luxury.

Our Super fabric is the SPRHRA's armour. It's a revolutionary, luxurious fabric built to enhance the performance and health of female athletes. Our fabric contains the Super material, Graphene, which is a healthy and sustainable material from Graphite.

SPRHRA's bodies are luxury items. Their sports apparel, particularly the fabric they perform in, should treat their bodies in the same way. At SPRHRA, our goal is to enhance your performance, health and elevate your female athlete swagger. It’s only right that we build our product with the best performance fabric that exists to make you feel Super.

Super Benefits

Aids in Recovery

Graphene is made of far-infrared fibers, which emit far-infrared rays. Far means it’s not visible to the human eye, unlike Infrared saunas that use Near-Infrared rays (visible red light). Far-infrared rays help increase blood flow, thereby increasing athletes’ recovery!

These emissions help increase exercise efficiency, as well as relieve pain and swelling, by increasing blood flow throughout your body.

Increased blood flow not only provides your muscles with fresh blood and oxygen, it also carries your muscles’ waste back to the kidneys.

Kidneys filter the waste in your blood.

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You had a game or practice and your blood flow takes the waste from your muscles, to be cleaned by your kidneys. This results in faster recovery times, less soreness, and greater muscle health. Our SPRHRA fabric will aid your recovery, which in turn, improves your muscle sustainment and growth.

Your legs won’t feel like you just got off a 10-hour flight. All you have to do is wear SPRHRA gear (the tighter and closer to the skin the more effective).

Anti-Bacterial & Anti-Fungal

It's very hard for bacteria to grow when Graphene is present. Graphene creates a barrier that prevents the bacteria from multiplying, thereby growing and largely decreasing the chances of bacterial infections. Note, Graphene will not kill bacteria. Our SPRHRA sportswear will still need to be washed with appropriate laundry detergent to effectively kill the bacteria.

Graphene has been proven to inactivate 98% of bacteria, and kill over 90% of them even after being washed over 100 times.

SPRHRA Lifestyle

We know that SPRHRAs of all ages and lifestyles are often spending hours and hours in their sports clothing without changing. We wanted to create a fabric that supports their sports lifestyle


Graphene inhibits the growth of bacteria, which in turn helps decrease body odor. Body odor is a combination of bacteria and sweat.

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The less bacteria that grows, the less you'll smell like shin guards. You may still have to spray a bottle of perfume to mask the smell of shinguards, but your sports apparel won't smell.

Bug Repellent

The Graphene in our fabric adds a physical barrier to the bug bites, reducing the changes of getting bitten. The Graphene blocks the chemical cues from skin. Chemical cues are how bugs detect sweat and skin. Because those chemical cues are blocked, bugs can’t detect SPRHRAs' skin.

Note, due to a variety of factors, we cannot 100% guarantee that wearing SPRHRA apparel with Graphene completely eliminates the chance of bug bites.

SPRHRA Lifestyle

We know the SPRHRA lifestyle is filled with sports and adventures. Getting bug bites while playing outside are inevitable. Waking up in the middle of the night to itch is not fun. Getting bites in sensitive areas is the absolute worst. This bug repellant component supports all of your adventures, and eliminates the irritation from bugs that comes with palying outside, especially in humid climates.

Thermal Regulatory

The graphene in the clothing, helps keep a stable temperature, which in turn, helps SPRHRAs keep stable body temperature.

SPRHRA Lifestyle

As busy SPRHRAs and as women, SPRHRA's experience fluctuations in body temperature due to a variety of factors, both internally and externally. It's extremely important that our garments help manage these fluctations as much as possible. By helping to manage a SPRHRA's core temperature, our garments can help prevent the body from overheating or freezing.

This is particularly important during different moments of a SPRHRAs menstrual cycle. During this time, a woman's body will experience varying temperatures internally. The SPRHRA garments will respond to the SPRHRA's body temperature by either helping to cool the body or maintain body heat. The garments will simulteaneously respond to external temperatures.

Extreme Resilience

Similar strength to a diamond but tremendously lighter in weight. Graphene is 200x times stronger than steel.

SPRHRA Lifestyle
As a SPRHRA, your super-suit needs to be as resilient as you are. You can't afford holes in your sportswear. Sure we all love a warrior patch (what we consider bruises or raspberries that naturally come from sports), but SPRHRAs don't need their clothes looking bruised and worn. SPRHRAs sportswear should always be elevating their performance and not making them look bad.

We have wash instructions to increase the lifespan of the product. In addition, the strength of our Graphene fabric will help your SPRHRA garments last a great deal longer. This is because the Graphene won't pill... you won't have to be so careful with it. Try and break it.

Compression Recovery

Graphene increases snapback and retains original shape, so your gear won't stretch out.

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SPRHRAs bodies can change frequently, sometimes or not change at all.

At different season in life, a SPRHRAs body can change dramatically, somewhat or not at all. SPRHRAs need gear that fluctuates with their body, while also bouncing back to its original shape. The compression recovery of these garments will do just that.

This occurs because of the strength of Graphene. The Graphene doesn't "break" when it's over-stretched, and thereby retains the original shape that it was milled in. We cannot 100% guarantee that your garments won't stretch out, however, Graphene greatly reduces that chance of them stretching out.

99% UV Protectant

Graphene is resisant to and helps protect against UV rays.

While Graphene will allow

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Anti-Static Placeholder

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Moves sweat quickly from your body to the surface of the clothing, and it dries quickly.
Studies also show Graphene-Wear™ printed sportswear garments absorbed 11.7% of sweat expelled from the subjects throughout the 50 minute trial, lowest % of all performance fabrics tested.

Water-wicking isn’t new to performance fabrics (polyester blends do this). But what is new is how quickly graphene moves the sweat from the skin to the surface of the body.

It’s nearly 2x as fast as other performance fabrics, and absorbs less sweat than nearly all other performance fabrics on the market. This is why Graphene dries so quickly.