What is a SPRHRA (pronounced Superhera)? And on how SPRHRA came to be ☁️⚡︎

Marina Paul

This is me, Marina, the Founder of SPRHRA's definition of 'What is a SPRHRA?', so it is very much just my definition. But, here it is since I decided to name my whole company after it. And also, I published a book in April 2021 called, Becoming a Superhero, the predecessor to SPRHRA and the beginning of acting on my obsession... to make the Superhera women of this world known, revered and forever impressed on our human hearts. 

For the short answer and short story, here it is: a Superhera is someone who finds her superpowers and uses those to elevate herself, and leave the lives she touches better than she found them. She is the antithesis of Perfect because she's found throughout her endeavors that Perfection is the enemy of Freedom. And what she's really seeking for herself and for others is Freedom: Freedom to Choose, Freedom to Live, and Freedom to Perform (our mantra). The greatest part about Superhera-ism, and why I think it's so important for people to define it for themselves — is that what Superheraism means to you, is entirely conditional based on your connection with yourself. Only you can define what makes you a Superhera...because there is only one you. There are no rules to Superhera-ism, only the aspiration that we elevate our lives and bring out the greatness in others. 

Now — what do athletics have to do with it? It's 100% true that Superheras don't have to be female athletes — in other words, I am by no means saying being a female athlete is a pre-requisite to Superhera-ism; Superhera-ism can exist anywhere and I believe, does exist within everyone if they work to find it and work to use it. Where I first and most strongly have experienced the greatest forms of Superhera-ism are in sports with the women I played with and the women who I was led by. Women in sports were my first-ever Superheras — I wanted to be them. So when I started writing my book, I looked to interview women with a background in sports, and eventually branched out to local and national Superheras in almost every major industry.  

What I uncovered in these interviews was the thesis to my book - the definition of a Superhera aforementioned — and the guiding principle to this women's sports brand. 

Now - how does this tie into women's sports clothing? Haha thanks for asking! I grew up playing sports every day, all day except for when I was in class or doing homework. They were and are my greatest passion, for awhile were my identity, and were often my crutch through the most incredible and horrible days of my life. I am in a deep, committed love affair with playing sports. While bouncing around and playing any sport, from rec leagues as a mini tater tot to the NCAA College Cup Final Four playing soccer for Georgetown University, I always struggled to fit into women's sports clothing.

Often, the clothing we were provided to play had "boys" or "mens" on the tags, or the fit matched the men's clothing with a women's tag carefully sewn into the seam. The carefully sewn tag was about the only intentional part of that clothing, let me tell you. I will never forget borrowing our athletic trainers dull ankle tape cutting scissors to carve out the lining in our shorts and crack the seams of our incorrectly structured jerseys. 

From a youth to a woman, my body has changed drastically, and changes drastically weekly, even daily as I enter new phases of life. The clothes we wore and wear when we play never made us feel empowered, but instead made us feel less than — like we and women's sports weren't worthy enough to have clothing that was made to fit female athletes bodies. It made me sick — and I mean literally. I suffered from years of eating disorders, in large part because I didn't "fit" the mold of these clothes and because these clothes were marketed using figures that didn't and still don't fit those of an athlete. Women - WE are not the problem, the way the clothing is created is!!

I didn't feel like the Superhera I was and I didn't play with the freedom that yielded my best performance (side note: Freedom to Perform is a whole OTHER blog post here). So I said, EFF this, and now, we SPRHRA are on a mission to make the universe more fit for female athletes — with this notion that female athletes can serve as a microcosm for visibility and empowerment for women as a whole. Because women's sports matter, female CEOs matter, female authors matter, motherhood or deciding not to be a mother matters, rights to choose what we do with ourselves and our bodies matters. 

DID I SAY THIS WAS MY SHORT ANSWER?! I think I need to hire my book editor back to reel it in 😂. .. Jess where are you?

Ok here it is, the inaugural post where I and my rad team will continue to share behind the scenes of building this brand, community, and continuously re-connecting with our unique Superhera-ism. 

Why is it spelled SPRHRA? Haha, honestly because it's cool... at least I think. Superhera all by itself wast too obvious. I thought, let me take out the vowels in Superhero, after I wrote Becoming a Superhero, and let's drop the "O" and add an "A". After all, this brand is emphatically derived from females for females.

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