How we’re addressing it

Recently, I was prompted to answer the question, “What is the Confidence Gap, and how are you addressing it?” 

I asked myself, “What is confidence? What does it really mean?” When I tried to define it, I could only think of myself in situations — walking onto a field, onto a stage to give a speech, or into a class to give a final presentation. 

Confidence was the peace I felt inside. It was the strength in each step as I walked up. It was shoulders down, relaxed and chin up. It was butterflies rolling around in my stomach that I would let myself notice but that I wouldn’t let lead. 

I had a friend tell me recently that love is an action. I think the same way about confidence. Confidence is a feeling communicated through an action. 

We present confidence when we believe in ourselves, and in turn, believe that we deserve to be there. And because we believe we deserve to be there, then we believe we will have a greater impact, provide value, win.

If confidence is believing in ourselves, then that must mean we have to feel freedom in ourselves in order to believe in ourselves. In the face of restriction — internal and external forces telling you not to believe in yourself — Freedom smiles, and tells you, “no, you absolutely should believe in yourself and keep going.”

So, “What is the Confidence Gap?”

This question is really about Freedom. A lot of us don’t feel free to be ourselves because of how much we’re told to be some other version. We are told we aren’t worthy or deserving because we don’t look, talk, produce, work in the way that is the prescribed way. 

We end up restricting ourselves to fit the way, rather than honing in on our uniqueness, quirks and superpowers. 

When I started thinking more and more about this question, I realized that it was really the question I was answering in my book, Becoming a Superhero

The difference between those who achieve their superhero-ism and those who don’t, are those who are able to address the restriction placed on them, and close their confidence gap. 

If Confidence is an action, then it is our choice to close it. 

It is our choice to lead teams, companies, friend groups and families that tighten this gap.

My dream for Superhera, is to build a team of believers, creators, risk-takers and do-ers. And to create an environment where they have the bravery to take chances, learn fast and become the best at what they do. 

My job, then, is to enable, encourage, and support everything my team needs to feel free and be confident in who they are. Fear, like restrictions, will always exist, but fear will take a backseat to the confidence they will have to thrive. The more we close the confidence gap for all, the better the entire team becomes.

xx, Marina

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