How Graphene in Fabric Takes Care of You

What’s up Superheras —

We've all been there – after giving it your all on the field, the court, or wherever you choose to. You throw your legs up on the hotel wall, or on the seat in front of you as you try to drain your legs for your next game in 2 days. 

Recovery, then, becomes a crucial part of your lasting performance as a female athlete.

But, recovery can be a total battle in itself. Your team of 30 might share one set of recovery compression boots. You might have an 8 hour travel day across time zones. You might be in the time of your cycle where your recovery takes longer. You might be stressed about external factors. Or, you just simply don’t know the most optimal ways to recover. 

Part of this recovery is creating a comfortable environment, with minimal effort, so your body can do it’s work. 

Bottom line, we know you want to perform at your peak performance. We got you. 

Let's dive into how the Super element, Graphene, that is infused in our fabric can become your secret weapon in the search for ultimate recovery after laying it all out there.

Seee yaaa 👋 to Post-Workout Fatigue
You know that feeling of pure exhaustion after a brutal match? Well, graphene-infused fabric works like a personal energy boost. It increases oxygen flow to your muscles, enhancing circulation and reducing fatigue.

You may have heard of or tried Infrared Saunas or Infrared Light Therapy—the red light that people will sit in a room with

There are numerous benefits to Infrared Rays, including improving heart health, soothing sore athlete muscles, and helping you relax [Cleveland Clinic]. 

 Another function of our new fabric is that it emits Far-Infrared rays. For my nerd-alerts out there, Far means it’s not visible to the human eye, unlike Infrared saunas that use Near-Infrared rays (visible red light).

Cool? The coolest. These emissions help increase exercise efficiency, by increasing blood flow throughout your body. 

Increased blood flow not only provides your muscles with fresh blood and oxygen, it also carries your muscles’ waste back to the kidneys. 

Kidneys filter the waste in your blood. Check it out — you had a game or practice—and your blood flow takes the waste from your muscles, to be cleaned by your kidneys. This results in faster recovery times, less soreness, and greater muscle health. 

All you have to do is wear your Superhera gear (the closer to the skin the more effective). Talk about easy.

TLDR: Our Super Graphene Fabric helps you recover faster, feel rejuvenated, and are ready to dominate.

At SPRHRA, our goal is to enhance your performance, health and elevate your female athlete swagger. It’s only right that we build our product with the best performance fabric that exists to make you feel Super.

My personal picks for recovery? Our Wavy Stretchy Practice Tee and Wrap Compression Shorts.

xx, Marina 

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